About us

We are a family company founded in 1992. We are graduates of the School of Applied Arts in Turnov.

Over the last thirty years, we have created one of the largest collections of copies of Art Nouveau jewelry in Europe, we are further expanding the Art Deco jewelry collection and our portfolio also includes fused glass sculptures and paintings. Come take a look.


We use classic goldsmithing techniques of both periods for production: wax modeling, chiselling, casting, engraving, hard enamel enamelling for silver and gold. We insert natural semi-precious stones into jewelry, especially Amethyst, Almandine, Agate, Chalcedony. Corundum in the colors of gemstones also grown in Art Deco jewelry. (jewelry photo)
Another part of our offer is silver and bronze historical jewelry with animal motifs. Variations of Jewish rings, thimbles in the form of animal heads. The spinning Jewish spinning tops are among the most original in our collection.
The third part of our goldsmith’s work consists designer contemporary jewelry.

Molten glass

After fifty years of working as a goldsmith, I find new terrain with my fused glass sculptures. Instead of the usual small jewelry, I create objects up to 60 cm high.
Thanks to its transparency, the new material allows me a completely new expression, inspired by extensive graphic design.
In collaboration with master glassmaker Tomáš Málek from Turnov, colored glass sculptures are created according to clay models.


My craftsmanship has always involved a lot of drawing and painting, from jewelry designs to large sketches, paintings, with different intensities and different qualities. Without the ambition to create a “life’s work”, paper and pencil or chalk were my greatest certainty and anchor for me.

Therefore, I decided to gradually place drawings and paintings on the website, which meant a shift in my life. I also think that thanks to the drawings and paintings, it is possible to better understand the work in glass and finally in jewelry.

Thank you for reading this far and we invite you to visit.