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Our Firm

We are a small family firm that was established in 1992.
All members of our firm graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov with an Advanced Craft Certificate in Goldsmithing and Silversmithing. Founded in 1884, the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Turnov is one of the oldest schools of craftsmanship and applied arts in Central Europe, where it is well-recognized and acknowledged as a school providing a high quality and professional education in craftsmanship.

Our firm makes (I) jewellery designed by its members and (II) late 19th century decorative Art Nouveau-style silver jewellery. For the latter, we find endless inspiration in libraries, art school depositories, goldsmith firms and the like, where we can see thousands of designs and jewellery never realised. To produce the late 19th century jewellery, we use the standard techniques of that time, such as chasing, casting, engraving, enamelling etc. In the jewellery, we set natural semi-precious stones ? amethyst, almandine (eudialite), chalcedon, agate and others. We feel honoured and pleased that we can make jewellery designed by our predecessors more than one hundred years ago.

Another part of our work is creating intricate designs on silver and bronze historic jewellery using animal and plant images.
We think that the originality of our work is most evident in the designs on Jewish wedding rings, thimbles in the shape of animal heads, and spinning tops.
The last part of our work is author's jewellery - originals.
We invite you to view all our designs.

Vladislav Mašek
Zuzana Mašková